Front Row

During the early ideation phases of the Second Screen Remote for Carnival, I came up with numerous concepts that didn’t make it into the final remote designs, but were used for the Carnival TV app (referred to as OCEAN Stateroom) for live shows, dubbed Front Row. Front Row allowed the guest to interact with live shows onboard the ship from their stateroom. Since the design pattern accommodated mobile interactions, it was important for me to consider the uniquenesses of the TV app experience; meaning, I had to consider how these Front Row features were navigable by 5-way remote, and what their selected and hit states look like, and how the guest could navigate to previous states.


Front Row Theater Show

This first collection includes live voting concepts for The Voice of the Ocean, an onboard singing contest. The guest can react to the performances, view each performer, view the audience, see backstage activity, and access a 360 view. Additionally, the guest can vote for their favorite performer and see the polling results immediately after their vote is submitted.


Front Row Bingo

This concepts explore what the OCEAN TV app experience would look like if it were to feature live bingo, allowing the guest to play bingo from the comfort of their stateroom, on their stateroom TV. The guest would be able to view the audience, and if they won bingo, they would be able to record themselves enthusiastically shouting “BINGO!” I also explored how this experience could be viewed on mobile.


Front Row Improv

In Front Row Improv, the guest is invited to submit suggestions and interact with the improv comedian.

Ari Sigglin