Experience Invitations
Carnival Corporation


Experience Invitations are a feature that appear during OCEAN related video on the guest's Stateroom TV. Their purpose is to elevate excursions and products pertinent to the content they are watching on their Stateroom TV, which then provide a gateway to purchase if the guest actions on the invitation with their remote. To soften their purpose, the Experience Invitations also reveal informational or educational messaging. I developed this concept to help incentivize OCEAN branded content.

The design features a bubble thumbnail appearing during the video. After several seconds, the bubble thumbnail enlarges and reveals the content title and subtitle. The thumbnail is already in focus, so if the guest fires on their remote, it automatically pauses the video and directs the guest to the detail screen of whatever product or excursion. If the guest wanted to navigate back to their video, they could easily fire on the close button in the top left corner of the detail screen.

Meeting with our design team for critique, I went through several iterations of the visual treatment to find something that was visually attractive and still aligned with design standards provided by the lead design partner. Since bubble thumbnails were a common treatment for images, I decided upon that. I explored ways in which actioning on the image could reveal playback controls, but found that approach to detract from the overall design (my rationale was that we want engagement, and not turn the guest away from interacting with the experience invitation). I laid out the design (seen below) in three separate panels to capture each state and variation of featured content. The last set is the educational example, only expanding to two states since there isn't actionable.

The design and concept was received positively by the Carnival VP of Design and Development.


Initial wireframes that helped develop Experience Invitation concept.
See blog post for full collection.


First visual iterations of the design.
Exploring treatment and use with playback controls.

Animation study
Demonstrating animation transition when guest fires on thumbnail with remote to summon detail page.


Panels to capture each state and variation of Experience Invitation content.